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St Gabriel's CofE Academy

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Christian Ethos

Our School’s Christian Ethos

At St Gabriel’s CofE Academy everything we do is underpinned by our loving, distinctive and inclusive Christian ethos. We want the best for our children; with love as our core value and primary motivation we ensure every decision and every action we take is with the best-interests of the child at the forefront of our thinking. We communicate God’s love and hope for the future to the children in our care and the community we serve by providing the best possible educational experiences and support for children and families. Experiences which are deeply affecting, inspiring confidence and fully equipping our children for their future, enabling them to flourish and fulfil their potential. We recognise each child is gifted with unique skills, talents and interests and place an equal emphasis on developing the whole child in every way:

Academically – encourage excellence, striving to make great progress

Physically – grow healthily with increasing skill and respect for our bodies

Mentally – secure a healthy, joyful, mature outlook, building resilience

Spiritually – develop an appreciation of beliefs, their impact and influence on our lives

Morally – mature in an understanding of behaviour, law and ethics

Socially – build and maintain healthy relationships as a collaborative community

Culturally – identify the responsibilities and opportunities presented in our society

Our Ethos is supported by our Christian Values.

Core Values

Love Community Respect Growth Integrity
Forgiveness Family Humility Hope Honesty
Compassion Friendship Dignity Support/Challenge Wisdom
Kindness Service Equality Courage/Responsibility Trust
Peace Generosity Thankfulness Resilience Justice

At St Gabriel’s CofE Academy we live our values:

Our relationships are built on love and forgiveness; we learn and live in community with each other, serving one another generously; we humbly treat everyone with equal respect; we courageously strive to grow in every way with a hope for our future; we maintain our integrity, building trust through honesty.

British Values

At St Gabriel’s CofE Academy, our Christian values are fundamental to developing our understanding of British Values. We learn Democracy through working in community with respect, responsibility and integrity. We learn Individual Liberty through growth, respect and integrity. We learn Rule of law through love, community, respect and integrity. We learn Mutual respect and tolerance for all faiths and for those without faith through love, community and respect.

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